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I just spent the morning at the Sh-K Boom Records offices with 70 people. 

The other day, my roommate Jennifer Tepper, and the genius composer Joe Iconis emailed me, and 70 people asking us if we were interested in  helping with a project. I won’t go into detail, but lets just say I spent the morning with some Broadway legends screaming out Joe Iconis’ brilliant work. It was thrilling…..and very loud. 

The product will be online in the coming days, I will have to tell you to contain your excitement, but the final product WILL be one the greatest things you have ever seen or heard. 

The amount of talent that was in one room was enough to LITERALLY make the walls shake. 

NOW if you haven’t already/ have no idea what I am talking about, go on, and type in “Things To Ruin”. Then go on Facebook, “LIKE” “Things to Ruin”, comment, pass along to friends….and FINALLY, if you haven’t already, go onto iTunes and download “Things To Ruin”, the original Cast Album. It is like nothing you have ever heard. Go play it loud in your car, or on the subway, let the world hear Joe Iconis!!

Rock on.